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Meet the fockers and family.

Intimate-family-wedding-celebratory dinner. Everyone was with their partners. So... if T's Daddy doesn't figure out how I fit into the whole picture... then his position as an editor isn't really quite befitting is it? I went through the whole stage of anxiety, fear and inadequacies... but it was all good. No major hiccups. Thank God.

We tried to do the whole "let's-not-be-crazy-and-meet-everyday" sorta thing... but failing. Miserably. I'm a tad tired of meeting up with most of T's friends... so she'll be meeting the boys soon enough when John comes back, and Van and the other girls. :) Soon!

T's friendo- G- came up to me after dinner last night and pulled me aside. *gulp* Then she whispers...

"You know everytime I see you and T together... I've never seen T so happy. I think T really really likes you.".

That made my day. :)